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Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Varanasi is Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi (Affiliation No. 2133576)

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07 July

Relevance of Teachers’ Training

Frontiers of knowledge are vast, infinite and endless. They are somewhat like the horizon which appears close, but as you move towards it, it leaps several miles ahead of you. …
02 June

Salute Our Teachers

One of the most fascinating areas in the journey of progress and development of India has been its education sector. The magnitude of sheer numbers of stakeholders associated with this …
20 May

Teacher and new-age teaching

The year 2020 is proving to be a watershed, an inflexion point in the lives of the entire mankind in all areas of human endeavour and activities. Suddenly an invisible …
13 May

Redefine Education

One of the most profound statements that we hear especially from the Educationists the world over, refers to "Education" as the most powerful means of empowerment. In simple words, it …
04 May

Parenting – Today

These are very unusual times. Something of this kind had not happened in the living memories of the last 2-3 generations. Situations both outside the homes and inside, are vastly …
15 April

Home Sweet Home

Suddenly, the space for our movement has been restricted to a few square meters within the confines of four walls, we call our home. Ordinarily, we would not resent our …

09 April

Fear Today

Any phenomenon or a disease that assumes pandemic proportions generates huge levels of fear affecting every resident of our planet. Ironically, its microscopic dimensions, invisibility and parasitical character makes it …

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